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Knowledge is Power

and the Consumer is King


We'll design the perfect health plan to assist you in reforming your own healthcare

Defined Benefits Health Plan Features

  •  Lifetime Policy Maximum $5 Million

  •  Three Calendar year Maximums: $250K, $500K, $1 Million

  •  Multiple Benefit Levels to Choose from: Value, Preferred, Premier

  •  Unique Zero Deductible, Copay, Coinsurance on all Outpatient Benefits

  •  Guaranteed Renewal to Age 65

  • Flexible Hospital Inpatient Deductibles to match budget: $0 – $10K 

  • Annual Premium Increases 3% or less last 6 years

  • Available for Individuals and Groups

Consumer Driven Health Plan Benefits

Benefits featured are based on 2 units of HCP Gold and are available with select plans.


Doctor Visits & Pharmacy Benefit


  • Choose your Doctor from All US Licensed Physicians

  • Pays $120 for 18 visits per Insured per calendar year, includes 6 chiro. visits no Deductible or Copay

  • Pays $150 for 2 Specialists visits per calendar year

  • Generic Drugs $20 per day Brand Name Drugs $40 per day


Preventative Wellness Care Benefit


  • Benefit starts 60 days after policy Effective Date

  • Pays $250 for Mammograms per calendar year & $500 for a Colonoscopy

  • Pays Additional $250 for other Preventative Services per calendar year


Surgery Benefit


  • Pays for Outpatient & Inpatient Surgeries

  • Pays Outpatient surgical facility $3,500 under general anesthesia or $1,500 local anesthesia

  • Pays Surgeons and Anesthesiologists based on RBRVS code (1x, 2x or 3x)


Hospital Inpatient Benefit

  • Hospital per day benefit up to $4,500 for Injury and $3,000 for Sickness

  • Hospital ICU benefit up to $4,500 per day for 20 days per calendar year

  • Optional First Hospital Admission $6,350 Lump Sum - per calendar yr, 24 hr stay required


Accident & Emergency Benefit

  • Pays $300 for Urgent or Emergency Care 2 times per year

  • Pays up to $4K of Actual Expenses for up to 45 days from the Accident date

  • Ambulance air or ground pays up to $10K of Actual Expenses

  • Optional Benefit Pays up to $26K of Actual Expenses


Catastrophic Diagnosis Benefit

  • Pays Lump Sum Paid upon diagnosis up to $40K per Adult and $10K per child

  • Pays up to $250K Additional of Actual Expenses per calendar year

  • Coverage for Internal Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Organ Transplant, Renal Failure

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